Tips for meet and greet


  • Arrange your meet and greet in a public location i.e. the dog park
  • Remember that dogs communicate mainly through body language so try not to be tense, or make too much of a fuss
  • Dogs like to make friends in their own time, so a walk on the lead first and a relaxed chat with the borrower
  • Bring a list of anything you would like to discuss about your dog, and take the question list you filled in on your profile
  • As your dog becomes used to the borrower it would be a good idea for them to take the lead, if you dog is playful get them to throw the ball
  • Take some treats so the borrower can give to your dog for extra bonding
  • Make sure your dog is responsive to the borrower’s commands
  • Once you have finished your walk you and your dog should feel comfortable with the borrower and can arrange for them to walk and spend doggy time with your dog
  • Both owner and borrower should be on the same page when it comes to the dog’s care
  • Make sure Borrower is in possession of written care advice from the owner Checklist and has all there contact details and vets contact number
Phone: 1300 459 157
Northern Beaches