General FAQ's

Can I register my puppy?

Your puppy should be a minimum of 3 months old

If I have more than 1 dog, do I pay per dog?

No, you only register once. Your subscription for the year will include all your dogs.

I have not received my password set up email.

Please check your junk/spam folder. Sometimes the email is filtered by your email system and delivered into the junk folder. If that is the case, please mark the Doggytail Friends as a safe sender to ensure that all future emails are delivered correctly.

Do's and don'ts for messaging

Recommended things to do

Personalise your messages. Explain to the borrower why you think they would like your dog.

Make sure they live nearby in your suburb or close to you.

Be patient, borrowers like you are busy. Give them a few days to reply to you.

Always reply to them even if it’s just a thank you. You can always change your status if you are getting too many messages.

Have an open mind. All the borrowers love dogs and will be open to discuss an arrangement that suits both parties.

Don’t message just a few borrowers. The more people you message the better chances of a response.

Don’t treat borrowers like paid dog minders. They are willing to care for you dog as they love dogs and want to have a doggy friend.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Get in touch and arrange a ‘meet and greet’ that gives adequate time for both parties and the dog to be comfortable.

It’s a good idea to let your vet know of anyone else that is looking after your dog.

Are all my personal details safe on your site?

Yes, we have cyber security built into our site and we recommend not putting your full name and address on your profile.

Can I share my contact details?

If you feel comfortable, you can share your contact details through messaging. We do not share your details with anyone, we are a safe and trusted community.

What shall I take along for the meet and greet?

We would recommend that you meet in a public location i.e. the dog Park, and both parties take a copy of their Information and Security Checklist to give to each other. We also have a Tips for Meet and Greet page

Will there be members living near me?

 Yes, once you have created your profile you can search suburbs near to you for members.

How long does it usually take to contact a member?

If you are not getting many responses, check that your profile is 100% complete. You can check the activity state of the member, or, sometimes it is just a case of being patient as we all have busy lives. Make sure you message a few members near you to have a better chance of a response.

What can I do if I get an offensive message?

If you receive a message that you feel is inappropriate or offensive, contact us and we will investigate. If necessary, we will remove their profile from Doggytail Friends.

How old do I need to be to join Doggytail Friends?

You need to be 18 years or older.

Why do dog owners join Doggytail Friends?

There are several reasons.

Extra care, love and attention for your dog. Having a one on one relationship between the borrower and your dog.

Reciprocal dog sharing and caring, i.e. you and your dog look after and befriend another dog and take turns in walking etc, or if the dogs really get on they can hang out together in each other’s gardens whist the owners are out.

Getting to know dog loving members in your area and building a dog loving community.

What breed of dogs can I register?

Any breed as long as they are not listed under the Dangerous Dog’s Act. For example, pit bull terriers or Japanese tosa.

Are there any terms or conditions to become a member?

Yes, there is a Terms and Conditions form that should be  agreed to as part of the registration process of becoming a member.


What sort of information shall I put on my profile?

We have a Create Profile page which helps both owners and borrowers (see link).

How do I manage and update my profile?

Please refer to the How to link.

How do I add extra dogs that I own on my profile?

At this stage there the system can only handle details for 1 dog. The best way to show that you have more than one dog is to include all dogs in your photo. Add the details for the dog which you feel may would determine that somebody may not want to borrow that dog eg. the dog that does not walk well on a leash or does not travel well in cars. When completing the rest of your profile, add information about your other dogs where you can and add a mini profile of them in the comments section at the end

How do I cancel my Automatic renewal?
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.
How do I close my account?

Send an email to Doggytail friends and request that you be removed from their system.

Can I get a refund?

We are happy to refund you within our 3-month money back guarantee.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you have given, received or exchanged contact details with any other member, or have violated our terms and conditions.

Are there any additional payments between the owner and the borrower for the care of the dog?

There are no additional payments to Doggytail Friends after payment of your annual membership.

Doggytail Friends is a site for dog sharing. It does not collect payment for dog sitting, dog minding or any other services that may be agreed upon by the owner and the borrower.

If an owner and a borrower agree that a payment shoud be made for the care of the dog or services supplied, it is outside of this site and therefore, Doggytail Friends has no interest or jurisdiction over the agreement.


How do I make and manage a group?

Please refer to Create a Group  on the Create Your Profile page


What does Doggytail friends do to ensure the safety of dogs, owners, borrowers or members of the public?

We want safety to be of the upmost importance for everyone.

 Doggytail Friends recommends all members fill out the Information and Security Checklist for both owners and borrowers and exchange copies on first meeting.

We also recommend that you let your vet know that someone else is looking after your dog.

Doggytail Friends is a platform and introduction site enabling dog owners and dog lovers/borrowers to meet and share the love and care of a dog.

We are not liable for anything that happens to the dog, or any members, members of the public, or any damage to property tha occurs when lending out the dog. See Terms and conditions.

What if the dog gets sick or injured whilst in the care of the borrower?

 The borrower will have all your contact details and vet details and is obliged to call you immediately and depending on the issue with the dog take the dog to their vet or the nearest vet to where they are at that moment.

What if the borrower is having my dog overnight or for a few days and nights?

We recommend that the owner does a home visit. The owner should check if there are any other pets or children going to be present when your dog is there.

Set clear borrowing times and dates and drop off and pick up times. This could be done in writing between yourselves.

The Information and Security Checklist forms  will have extensive questions that we have set up that we recommend are filled out. These will have areas for things like any dietary requirements etc for the dog and whether the dog travels well in a car or on a lead. We recommend that both parties keep a copy.

As a borrower do I need to have owned a dog before or have any experience looking after a dog?

No, you need to be over 18 and  be a caring and responsible dog lover. We recommend when you meet the owner and the dog that the owner goes through everything about the dog with you. Spend time getting to know the dog so that you, the dog and the owner are all confident, happy and trust each other. You might want to have a few meet ups with the owner and the dog to make sure you are all comfortable with each other.

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