In the Daily Telegraph on July 26th, 2017 there was an interesting article on a study done by Professor Andy Jones a study chief at universities in East Anglia and Cambridge.

SCIENTISTS want dog-lending available on prescription to boost activity levels and health among older people.

A study shows that older dog owners are far more physically active than other pensioners, but not everyone has the loving space to keep man’s best friend at home.

Researchers instead want backing for schemes which connect owners who can’t exercise their dogs with those who are keen to take them out. Physical inactivity in later life is linked with to serious health issues, including higher risk of heart disease, stroke and dementia. It is thought less than half of the elderly meet the recommended weekly target of 150 minutes of moderate activity.

In the study 3123 adults with an average age of 69.5 years wore a pedometer for a week and listed their activities.

Nearly one-in-five of the group owned a dog. Two thirds of these said they walked it at least once a day.

“We were amazed to find dog walkers were on average more physically active and spent less time sitting” study chief Professor Andy Jones said

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