Messaging guide


Messaging Guide for Owners

couple of dog taking a selfie together with a smartphone

Personalise your messages explain to the borrower why you think they would like your dog

Make sure they live nearby in your suburb or close to you

Be patient, borrowers like you are busy. Give them a few days to reply to you

Always reply to them even if it’s just a thank you, you can always change your status if you are getting too many messages

Have an open mind, al the borrowers love dogs and will be open to discuss an arrangement that suits both parties

Don’t message just a few borrowers the more people you message the better chances of a response

Don’t treat borrowers like paid dog minders, they are willing to care for you dog as they love dogs and want to have a doggy friend

Don’t leave it to the last minute, get in touch and arrange a meet and greet that gives adequate time for both parties and the dog to be comfortable

It’s a good idea to let your vet know of anyone else that is looking after your dog

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