About Us


Me and my friend's dog 'Manu'

Doggytail Friends' aim is to help build a community network of local dog lovers that can connect and share the love of a dog

There are so many reasons to join Doggytail Friends

Here are a few:

  • A family that’s thinking about getting a dog full time can share first to see how a dog will fit in with their family lifestyle
  • A dog owner that wants to connect with another dog owner to share the care, have reciprocal dog walking, play dates, backyard sharing
  • A retired couple that would like to have a dog in the day time
  • A young professional couple that don’t have time for a full-time dog
  • A dog owner that would like their dog to have more cuddles and walks

Lets get together to enjoy the love of dogs.

Andrea lives in Freshwater NSW and is an avid dog lover.

‘I live in an apartment that is not suitable to owning a dog.

I love dogs so to get my ‘Dog Fix’ I borrow friends dogs to take walking with me and have them over for sleepovers if they go away. I thought there must be more dog lovers like me that would love to have a dog in their life but due to certain circumstances cannot have a dog full time so I started Doggytail Friends'

Doggytail Friends is a website that brings together dog owners and dog lovers in your local area

 So many people love dogs but can’t commit to having one full time

Phone: 1300 459 157
Northern Beaches